The House of Wynarn is the dynasty that has ruled the Five Nations since the time of King Galifar I.

The list below tries to give all the members of the dynasty, along with their descent and titles.

Karrn and his scions Edit

Last War Edit

  • King Jarot ir'Wynarn (m), last ruler of the Kingdom of Galifar
    • Mishann (f), Governor-princess of Cyre, later Queen of Cyre [5]
      • Brusst (m)
        • Connos (m)
          • Dannel (f)
            • Oargev (m), Prince of Cyre, King in Exile
    • Thalin (m), Governor-prince of Thrane, later King of Thrane
      • Daslin (m), Blood Regent of Thrane
        • Erivon (m), Blood Regent of Thrane
          • Diani (f), Blood Regent of Thrane
    • Kaius I (m), Governor-prince of Karrnath, later King of Karrnath
      • Kaius II (m)
        • Jaron (m)
        • Moranna (f), Regent of Karrnath after King Jaron's death until ascension of King Kaius III
    • Wrogar (m), Governor-prince of Aundair, later King of Aundair
      • Wrella (f) [7]
        • Aarott (m) [7]
          • Barvette (f) [7]
            • Aurala (f), Queen of Aundair
            • Adal (m)
            • Aurad (m)
            • Wrel (f)
            • Wrey (f)
    • Wroann (f), Governor-princess of Breland, later Queen of Breland [11]

Others Edit

References Edit

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