Coat of arms of House Sivis

House Sivis is a gnome dragonmarked house throughout Khorvaire though they remain strongly based out of Zilargo.

The Sivis dragonmark first appeared around 2800 years ago. The gnomes have carefully cultivated the peoples around them since that time and have remained firmly neutral in all conflicts. So, while most people are suspicious of the devious and conniving nature of gnomes, House Sivis has remained above reproach and their services are now indispensible.

House Sivis is currently governed by a High Council composed of representatives from each of the nations in which the House operates; this council is currently led by Lysse Lyrriman d'Sivis. Lady d'Sivis has led the House for nearly 90 years, since nearly the beginning of the Last War.


House Sivis possesses the Mark of Scribing. This mark grants various magical benefits related to written and verbal communication. It is through the auspices of Sivis that one can communicate with another across Khorvaire almost instantaneously. House Sivis members also act as translators for diplomats and other dignitaries.


Doyenee Lysse Lyrriman d'Sivis, matriarch

Cost of ServicesEdit


A disgruntled gnome sends and receives messages via a speaking stone

Service Cost in galifars (gp)
Arcane Mark 5
Illusory Script 90
Message station use 5/page
Sending 250
Translation 2/page
Whispering wind 50


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