This is an example entry for a House Orien courier as found in the source material.


Hazel is a member of House Orien and grew up inside its hierarchy. At first her house was troubled by her thirst for adventure, but as she grew she discovered she could meet both of their needs by becoming a courier. She works directly out of the Lightning Rail Station and most of her work is for the locals, however, she hires herself out often for "express" deliveries due to boredom with her everyday duties. Due to the nature of her job, she knows an awful lot about the local denizens and might possibly share that knowledge if asked.

Skills and FeatsEdit

Hazel and other couriers like her take advantage of the following skills:

  • Craft,
  • Gather Information,
  • Knowledge(arcana),
  • Knowledge(geography),
  • Knowledge(local),
  • Profession(courier),
  • Ride,
  • Survival, and
  • Use Magic Device.

As for feats, the following are useful for these types of characters:

  • Iron Will,
  • Least Dragonmark of Passage,
  • Lesser Dragonmark of Passage, and
  • Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)


Hazel and other couriers typically know common, but might know another language, such as Dwarven, to help them communicate with their numerous customers.


Hazel and other couriers might be found carrying the following:

  • scrolls that contain damage spells such as fireball
  • several scrolls with spells to help them escape such as expeditious retreat
  • a scroll to help them identify suspicious items, such as identify
  • wands that contain spells such as glitterdust.
  • potions for healing.
  • some form of weapon, such as a dagger.
  • some kind of armor, such as studded leather.
  • a magebred horse to get them quickly from place to place.

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