The Hexblades normally appear at a young age. This generally occurs in poor areas where people who have magical talent and abilities cannot afford or receive training. However, it does occasionally appear in the higher economic classes. Most people embrace their magic, but some decide not to. The people who do accept the magic tend to choose a neutral or evil alignment. A few attempt to use their magic as a positive force. The ones that try to use their magic in this way focus on sorcery and do intense studying on the subject. They tend to forsake the Hex magic eventually or completely. Most do not attempt this because the magic itself is usually far too powerful. The majority of Hexblades have a "might makes right" attitude. The tend to see academia as pointless, asceticism as foolish, do-gooders as deluded, and book-learners as weak. Most Hexblades are self-trained, but some learn from mentors. They are essentially lone-wolves, and travel by themselves in order to take sole share in treasure and riches they may find.

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