The Healer Edit

Healers are good natured divine spellcasters who use their gifts to help the sick and injured. A healer will never refuse to tend to a wounded, good aligned creatures if able and some even extend this favor to enemies and strangers. Healers rarely take to the front lines of combat and prefer to stand back and aid their allies with healing magic and divine blessings.

The Healer in Eberron Edit

Healers were instrumental during the Last War and without their tireless efforts the casualities from the war would have been even more terrible and staggering. Most healers are, perhaps not surprisingly, members of House Jorasco's Healers Guild and halfling healers form the majority of these selfless magical physicians.

House Jorasco does not, however, have a monopoly on healers and both the Healing Hand of Olladra (a group closely associated with the Sovereign Host) as well as the Silver Knights Hospitallers (associated with the Church of the Silver Flame) sent members to of their organizations to act as field medics during the Last War. These groups still operate in modern times, offering succor and aid to travellers and those in need, regardless of national or religious affiliation.

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