Hatch Vadalis is a minor character featured in the Eberron novel the Orb of Xoriat.


Hatch is a nickname he received many years ago when he raised his first pet bird. At first his bird was so small that he once called it Hatchling, those around him at the time mocked him and continuously called his bird Hatchling. Over time the nickname turned into Hatch and was associated with Hatch Vadalis. Hatch is a member of House Vadalis though he married into the dragonmarked house. When raising his pet Hatchling he met his wife who helped him look after it. He claimed it wasn't love at first site though, after getting to know her he asked to court her but she slapped him. He pursued her and after a few months she agreed.

Hatch lives in Ghalt and runs a courier service with his domesticated Dragonhawk. He once helped Teron get to Passage.


Hatch's real name is never revealed.

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