172 ED1
Expeditionary Dispatches:
Guardians of the Labyrinth
Publication Dungeon Magazine issue #172
Date November 2009
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Backdrop
Author James Wyatt
Illustrator Wayne England
Pages 14-17
Edition 4th ed.
Series Expeditionary Dispatches
Preceded by Mournland Express

Between the blasted wasteland of the Demon Wastes and the verdant forests of the Eldeen Reaches stand two barriers: the forbidding peaks of the mountain range called the Icehorns in the north and the Shadowcrags in the south, and the vast expanse of the Labyrinth. Although both are natural barriers that help protect the Reaches and the rest of Khorvaire from the evils of the Demon Wastes, the Labyrinth also holds protectors who have sworn their lives to protect the world from the fiends and terrors of the Wastes. These protectors are the Ghaash'kala.

As described in the Eberron Campaign Guide, the Ghaash’kala, a loose federation of orc clans serve as the primary agents of good in the Demon Wastes. Devoted to a spiritual force called Kalok Shash, the Binding Flame, the Ghaash’kala believe their sacred duty is to keep the evils of the Demon Wastes contained, which protects the rest of the world from the corruption and destruction of the Lords of Dust and their minions.

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