Dragonmarked House COA Deneith

Coat of arms of House Deneith

The Graywall Outpost
 is an outpost controlled by House Deneith on the shared border of Breland and Droaam. During the early years of the Last War, Breland contracted House Deneith to defend a key mountain pass in the Graywall Mountains between Breland and what is now known as Droaam. In 987 YK King Boranel ordered his troops to retreat however, determined to uphold the terms of the contract the Deneith troops remained behind. For the remaining nine years of the war the Deneith soldiers suffered immense torment often lingering on the border of starvation whilst almost constantly being under siege and at all times, completely surrounded. When the war came to an end and the Treaty of Thronehold was written, House Deneith were allowed to stay in Graywall Outpost and now have a small yet impregnable keep in the mountain pass. For political reasons Breland wishes for the outpost to be abandoned and so do Droaam for militaristic reasons however, Deneith refuse to do so. 


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