The Graywall Mountains is the mountain range along the border of western Breland, forming a geographical barrier with the monster-nation of Droaam (formerly part of Breland). Byeshk, a purplish ore which is particularly effective against abominations can be found along the range.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Shining Valley, a small settlement which is in a manifest zone to Irian, the Eternal Day. The Haunting Song, a flight of harpies who hate the Daughters of Sora Kell, dwell in the valley in addition to the Brelander settlers.
  • The Six Kings monument, which is a huge carving, some 1000 feet tall, depicting some of the ancient Dhakaani warlords and is considered sacred to the goblinoid, especially the Dhakaani, clans. This monument lies on the northern end of the range.
  • Graywall Outpost a House Deneith fort.

References Edit

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