Graveyard Sludge
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze
Advancement By hit dice
Size Large
Source Monster Manual V, pg. 72-73

Created during the Day of Mourning, graveyard sludges are created where the mucky remains of human bodies are awash with unusual energies. Since their creation, graveyard sludges roam the Mournland. In addition, both Karrnathi necromancers and followers of the Lich Queen Vol are said to enter the Mournland and retrieve graveyard sludges for their own use.[1]


Graveyard sludges appear as green gelatinous blobs, usually with the remnants of a body (such as a bones or a skull) swimming inside it. They prefer environments where the undead roam, and can sense and are drawn to necromancy.[1]


Graveyard sludges are unusual creatures, sitting between life and death; as such, they can he healed by both positive (radiant) and negative (necrotic) energies. Graveyard sludges feed on the undead, draining the last remaining life force from dead bodies. Graveyard sludges have the ability to create zombies in this way. Because of their abilities, graveyard sludges can also make other undead more powerful. As a defense mechanism, the graveyard sludge can release its spiritual energy, causing fear in its enemies; it usually does this before retreating.[1]


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