82167 CN GL
Home Construct, The Mournland
Gender Male-personality
Race Warforged Titan
Destroyed 998 YK

Gorgan is one of two warforged titans that were stationed on Construct, the Lord of Blades' mobile fortress within the Mournland. An arena fighter, Gorgan fought in a trial by combat against Kandler, the justicar of Mardakine.[1]


Gorgan is one of two warforged titans on Construct, the Lord of Blades' mobile fortress. They follow the command of Bastard, a lieutenant of the Lord of Blades responsible for Construct while the Lord of Blades is away.

While traveling the Mournland hunting down a changeling agent of Lady Vol named Te'oma, a group of heroes came across Construct, where they were captured by the warforged inhabitants. In order to escape, one of their party, a justicar named Kandler, challenged the warforged to trial by combat. Bastard chose for his champion Gorgan, who entered the arena to oppose Kandler. Kandler held his own, giving the rest of the party a chance to arrange an escape. Gorgan tried to bring down their means of escape: a stolen airship, and did significant damage to the ship using his embedded weapons.

While fighting the airship, Gorgan was attacked by Kandler's ally, Burch, who used one of Constructs mounted ballistas to drop the warforged titan. One of Burch's bolts hit the titan's head straight on, splintering Gorgan's head into pieces. [1]


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