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Goblinoids Edit

Goblinoid is a creature subtype that refers to humanoids who speak Goblin and are often noted for their stealthy nature and habits of raiding other civilied lands. In Eberron several Goblinoid races are known to exist with Goblins and Hobgoblins being the most common. Other Goblinoids found in Eberron include:

  • Bhuka- Desert dwelling survivors with a kind nature. (Sandstorm)
  • Blue- A sub-race of blue skinned, psionically proficient goblins.
  • Bugbear- Largest of all the goblinoids bugbears tend to be more physical and agressive than their smaller kin. (Complete Psionics Handbook)
  • Goblin- The smallest and most numerous goblinoids for which the subtype is named. (Monster Manual 1)
  • Goblin, forestkith- These forest dwelling goblins are a sub-race of the standard goblin breed and are almost never seen.
  • Hobgoblin- Hobgoblins are a race of lawful (a rarity amoungst goblinoids) yet aggressive goblinoids who are larger than goblins yet smaller than bugbears, standing roughly the same height as most humans. Hobgoblins were once the rulers of the great Dhakaani Empire that fell several ages ago. (Monster Manual 1)

--Jorda75 03:11, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

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