One result of the disaster that destroyed Cyre was the creation of a highland plateau made of sharp, glasslike formations. The overall appearance of the plateau is smooth and flat, though jagged spikes and spires jut up from the ground in apparently random places. The central portion of this highland plain is obsidian, and bursts of fiery light can sometimes be seen in its dark depths. Toward the edges of the plateau, the glass becomes lighter and more translucent, until it appears almost white along the jagged cliffs that separate the heights from the lowlands surrounding it.
Nothing grows on this plain of glass, and few creatures can be found among its jagged peaks and flat expanse. Living spells, on the other hand, seem drawn to the area; the greatest concentration of these strange entities can be found on and around the Glass Plateau. Rumors abound of caves within and beneath the plateau, where it is said that the truth behind the destruction of Cyre waits to be discovered by someone strong enough, brave enough, and foolish enough to venture so deep into the Mournland.

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