MM35 PG201
Gelatinous Cube
Avg. Height 15'
Avg. Weight 50,000 lbs.
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze
Advancement By hit dice
Size Huge
Source Monster Manual, pg. 201
4th edition rules
Creature Type Natural Beast (blind, ooze)
Size Large
Source Monster Manual (4th edition), pg. 202

Gelatinous cubes are nearly transparent oozes that make their home in dungeons across the world. Gelatinous cubes absorb everything in their path, both organic and inorganic. Gelatinous cubes have been found as far as Xen'drik.[1][2]


Gelatinous cubes are nearly transparent, and almost impossible to spot. The gelatinous cube uses this instinctively to its advantage to hunt prey.[1]


Gelatinous cubes are mindless, and are on the constant hunt for prey. A gelatinous cube most move towards its prey, where it engulfs it. Once a target is engulfed, the acidic nature of the gelatinous cube begins breaking down the target, dissolving the target while it is engulfed. It is possible for a target to escape the cube once engulfed, but the gelatinous cube will then continue to slowly hunt down the prey that escaped.

Like most oozes, the gelatinous cube exudes acid from its surface. In addition, the gelatinous cube is covered in a paralytic slime. A gelatinous cube can use pseudopods to attack an enemy, coating them in paralytic slime before attempting to engulf them.[1]


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