Gauntlet of the Deft Hand
3rd edition rules
Type Attached
Category Basic
Magical Aura Faint Transmutation
Caster Level 4th
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, alter self
Price 7,500 gp
Weight 1 lb.
Source Dragon Magazine issue #341

The gauntlet of the deft hand is a single warforged component that attached to one hand of a warforged. The gauntlet is made of a fine metal mesh, impervious to the effects of rusting or tarnishing. When activated, the gauntlet transforms the warforged's fingers into precision tools designed for intricate work; everything from gemcutting to lockpicking.[1]

3rd Edition MechanicsEdit

When activated, the warforged gains a +5 competence bonus to any Craft check that requires fine detail work, such as gemcutting, silversmithing, and the like, as well as any Disable Device or Open Lock checks. Once activated, the effect lasts indefinitely, though it can be deactivated at will.

While activated, the warforged cannot hold a weapon in that hand. However, the warforged can use these small tools as a weapon. They are treated as an exotic weapon, and do 1d4 points of slashing or piercing damage (the warforged's choice).[1]


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