The world of Eberron has a lot to offer in terms of food and drinks, and keen adventurers know where to find inns that suit their regional tastes.



An exquisite cuisine of small portions, a wide variety of ingredients and sauces. Aundair is known for it's vinewards and sweets.

  • Pan-seared rabbit with Aundarian wood-nut sauce
  • Gold pheasant stuffed with sparkle mushrooms and rice
  • Dragon salmon in butter and dark wine sauce
  • Tarts
  • Cremfels


Northern and Southern Breland have different styles of cooking. In the north, simple and savory food is served to farmers. In the south, spices marks the cuisine of the tropical region. The Sharn Fusion style is a mix-up of different styles brought by travelers from across Khorvaire.

  • Beef Boranel (a favorite of Boranel ir'Wynarn), includes bread and mushroom stuffing roasted inside a full side of beef.
  • Farmer's stew
  • Thrice-poached eggs and sizzling pheasant
  • Kettle fried spider and redeyes berries
  • Fire-wrapped golden fish
  • Spiced pork and orange peppers
  • Hot-spiced chicken in panya leaves


Cyrans value change and experimentation. Their cooking style varies so much it can't be described in a few sentences.


Their harsh winters made the karrnathi cuisine a mix of heavy and filling food. Saussages and cheesmaking are considered almost an art form.

  • Multilayered casseroles
  • Stews
  • Soups
  • Pies
  • Bread
  • Vedbread, a loaf of crusty bread with ved cheese, served warm with onion butter.


Filling, hot, delicious. "It is like a breath of fire in the cold of a dark winter's night" said Princess Wroya of Breland.

  • Thrakel-seared beef in red sauce
  • Three-thrakel fish stew
  • Silvered vegetable skewers
  • Beesh-berry sorbet
  • Silverfruit pie



  • Fireburst wine, Arcanix
  • Dark Orla-Un, know for its fruity sweetness
  • Windshire rainbow, a type of red wine that changes color and taste as the wine is consumed


Karrnathi beer and ale are renowned across the Five Nations for their flavor and potentness.

Talenta PlainsEdit

  • Tal, the halfling equivalent to tea.

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