Garrow is a character featured in the adventure modules Shadows of the Last War and Whispers of the Vampire's Blade. He is a member of the Emerald Claw and first appears as a vampire in the ruins of Rose Quarry in Shadows of the Last War.

Well done, adventurers. It is futile to fight us. Give me the third schema, and I will let you live. Oppose us, and I will take it from your corpses, and then raise your bodies to serve me.
  — Brother Garrow
Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


Garrow is secretly a Changeling that has a fascination with vampires. Garrow was ordered to find the House Cannith schema, a creation pattern used for creating magical weapons. He began his search in Rose Quarry Darguun accompanied with a group of Emerald Claw colleagues including a necromancer named Mallora, a cleric named Keltis Doran and the military commander Kaela. He spent three days in Rose Quarry attempting to excavate any clues that may reveal the location of the schema however, a group of adventurers arrived and seemed to solve a puzzle that directed them to a hidden House Cannith workshop named Whitehearth located in the Mournland. Using his undead vulture servant he tracked the adventurers to Whitehearth and laid an ambush for them outside. After the encounter Garrow escaped but encountered the adventurers again when searching for a vampire named Lucan and the magical weapon he wielded named the Soul Blade. He disguised himself as a half-elf airship captain named Rarwog. He was piloting the airship named Jade's Fury. Along with a contingent of Emerald Claw soldiers he assaulted the House Lyrandar airship Cloud's Destiny.


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  • Rarwog is an anagram of Garrow.