Fort Light is a Thrane military fort which lies very close to the borders of both Breland and Aundair. In fact, the closest town is Marketplace, Aundair. The castle changed hands many times during the Last War, but unlike some other nearby areas, always managed to return to Thrane possession and remained so after the Treaty of Thronehold. The fort currently has a population of 120 soldiers.

The castle is rigged with a series of reflective shields connected by a gearing system which allows the entire device to rotate to correspond with sun and moonlight. This permits the fort's defenders to shine bright light on any potential invaders, usable as both a distraction and to illuminate a darkened battlefield full of invaders. The system of reflectors also gives the castle its commonly used name.

Fort Light is served by an Orien trade road, leading east through the Imistil Forest into Thrane and west across the border to Marketplace, Aundair.


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