195 EOEberron-1
Eye on Eberron: Fort Bones
Publication Dungeon Magazine, issue #195
Date October 2011
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Backdrop
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Adam Paquette
Pages 1-4
Edition 4th ed.
Series Eye on Eberron
Preceded by Daask
Followed by Taer Syraen

Fort Bones lies far from the heart of Karrnath. No lightning rail leads to this bleak citadel, and roads shattered by war have yet to be repaired. The bones of fallen enemies are fused to its walls, and skeletal warriors keep silent vigil on the ramparts. As a show of good faith and dedication to peace, Kaius III withdrew most of Karrnath’s undead legions and sealed them in the vaults below the city of Atur. Only a few elite units remain in the service of the crown, scattered across the nation. Fort Bones is one of the only places where the dead outnumber the living. Here bone knights and blackguards lead fleshless cavalry against Valenar raiders, while the Cadaver Collectors pioneer new forms of necromancy in preparation for wars to come.

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