Lifespan Infinite
Language(s) Common, and any language they
knew while alive
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Undead (Fire, Incorporeal)
Advancement By hit dice
Size Medium
Source Sharn: City of Towers, pg. 179
4th edition rules
Creature Type Shadow Humanoid (Undead)
Size Medium
Source Heart of the Forbidden Forge, pg. 25

A forgewraith is the unfortunate result when a humanoid meets his or her demise due to intense heat, like a lava pool, or an arcane-tempered fire, like the various House Cannith forges. Some forgewraiths may actually be made up of multiple weaker spirits.[1][2]

Notable NamesEdit

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Forgewraiths are shadowy, smoky undead figures, outlined in fiery red. Fire burns brightly where their eyes once were. Those eyes lock on any living creature with a fiery hatred.[1]


Forgewraiths are incorporeal undead, and there is a chance that weapons pass harmlessly through them. Born of fire, forgewraiths project a fiery ray at their victims, hoping to engulf them in fire like they had once been; a humanoid slain by a forgewraith may themselves become a forgewraith.[1]


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