While Sharn is not the capital of Breland, it is one of the largest cities on Khorvaire and a center of commerce and education. Most of the nations of Eberron have established embassies or consulates in Sharn to protect their interests and to resolve diplomatic and trade disputes. There are a number of exceptions, of course. Darguun, the Shadow Marches, and the Eldeen Reaches do not have official representatives in Sharn. Other nations have different levels of representation, as described below. Unless otherwise mentioned, all consulates are located in Ambassador Towers in Middle Central.

Unfortunately, consuls tend to be very busy individuals, and they rarely have the time or inclination to address the problems of individual citizens. Arranging to see a consul requires a minimum of a DC 20 Diplomacy check, and may require bribery as well. Even if this check succeeds, it may still take some time for the meeting to take place, and there may be nothing that the consul can do to help. Unless a character is an important person—a high-level aristocrat, for example—the consulate won’t take any risks to provided aid.

On the other hand, a consul may contact a character, offering payment or favors in exchange for performing a service to a particular nation. Espionage, smuggling, blackmail, and many other dangerous activities can all begin at the heart of a consulate, as the nations of Khorvaire prepare for the inevitable next war.

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