Flotsam is a main character featured in the Eberron novel The Orb of Xoriat. Flotsam is a strange looking grey cat with black stripes and is the pet of Teron.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Before the events of the novel Teron randomly encountered Flotsam and ever since then the cat had followed him.

Praxle theorized that Flotsam was Teron's familiar and that Teron was a sorcerer. Despite this theory never being proven in the course of the book, Edward Bolme stated that Flotsam was simply a cat.

Flotsam was abandoned in Flamekeep, Praxle stated that if Flotsam was Teron's familiar then it'll find him. The well being of Flotsam is left a mystery and is not reunited with Teron by the end of the novel.

Flotsam was inspired by two cats that Edward Bolme owned, named Gutter and Boxes.


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