The last battle of the Last War took place in Cyre southwest of what is now the Glass Plateau. Here, forces from Thrane, Cyre, Breland, and Darguun clashed in a chaotic epic battle. Those forces died on the Day of Mourning, caught in the backlash of the arcane effect that destroyed the entire nation. The remains of this battle can still be seen; the Field of Ruins is noteworthy among similar places throughout the Mournland primarily because of the sheer number of troops whose bodies litter this battlefield. These soldiers, who died four years ago, appear as they did the day life abandoned them.
Not one has shown signs of rot or decay. Wounds gape wide, flesh refuses to fester and flake, armor and weapons remain untarnished and rust-free. Vast war machines, siege engines, and other devices of destruction brought by the opposing forces now stand in silent vigil over the bodies of the dead.
Most visitors to the Field of Ruins find themselves moved to follow the example of the explorer who discovered the place, offering prayers to all those who sprawl in this uncovered grave—Thrane knights lying beside Darguun warriors, Brelish archers piled among Cyran militia.
They are not undead, but they are unnatural just the same, for some force keeps them preserved despite the passage of time. Even the scavenging beasts of the Mournland refuse to disturb these bodies.