Feats are special abilities that set your character apart from others. These could be unique capabilites, special connections, or talents you've acquired through your career. Two people might both be archers, but their own individual talents and experiences can make them both very different.

Feats on the wiki are divided into seperate pages according to their type. Currently we have the following articles.

  • Martial Feats - for those feats that specifically deal with improvements to combat capabilities or grant additional benefits to melee or ranged combat attacks.
  • Spellcaster Feats - for those feats that specifically deal with magic either arcane or divine, though not including metamagic or item creation feats.
  • Psionic Feats - for those feats that specifically deal with psionic abilities.
  • Metamagic Feats - for those feats that are metamagic in nature specifically dealing with the augmentation of magical energies.
  • Item Creation Feats - for those feats that are needed to craft magical or unique items.
  • General Feats - for those feats that don't fit specifically into any of the other categories.

On the wiki we will not post prerequisite or game effects of specific feats, rather we will include page references for feats as well as a general idea of what the feat provides for a character. It is also important that you put the feat in it's appropriate article.

Martial Feats | Spellcaster Feats | Psionic Feats

Metamagic Feats | Item Creation Feats | General Feats

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