The Favored Soul Edit

While clerics gain divine favor and power through worship and devotion the favored soul is a chosen champion of a deities cause. Just as sorcerers can wield arcane magic with no aid of a spellbook or years of training so too does a favored soul use divine magic with similar ease. While for good or ill a favored soul is bound to their diety in a way that even the most devout cleric could never understand.

Favored Souls in Eberron Edit

With the Sovereign Host and their evil counterparts the [[Dark Six]] being distant gods, coupled with the fact that most civilized people worshipping the entire pantheon rather than focusing solely on a specific deity, it is not surprising that favored souls are not found in large numbers in Eberron.

Favored souls are usually followers of a specific deity within the Sovereign Host and seek to emulate their god in all they do. There are favored souls who follow different faiths as well as the Dark Six, but they are a niche group within a minority and often keep their abilities and worship to themselves. As with clerics a favored soul need not be within one step of their deities alignment and can choose a neutral alignment if they so desire. Some of the favored souls often do not know where they gain their powers from and some activily resent being doted on by the divine.

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