Fathen’s Fall (25 Barrakas): Fathen’s Fall honors the memory of one of the heroes of the Silver Crusade, the great purge of lycanthropes that occurred over 150 years ago. Fathen exposed scores of lycanthropes in Sharn, but on 25 Barrakas a pack of wererats tore him limb from limb on the streets of North Market. In observance of this event, the faithful gather at the Shrine of Fathen the Martyr (in the North Market district of Lower Northedge) to listen to a sermon given by the priest of High Hope; followers traditionally donate 1 silver piece in memory of the crusade.

Shifters in general have an ambiguous feeling toward this holiday. While they have ancestral ties to lycanthropes, many shifters actively participated in the Silver Crusade. Some shifters are comfortable with their ancestors’ participation in the Crusade, while others view it as a dark mark on their heritage. As a result, tensions run high within Sharn’s shifter communities and between shifters and the faithful of the Church of the Silver Flame on Fathen’s Fall.

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