377 Eberron Familiars-1
Familiars by Artifice
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #377
Date July 2009
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Illustrator Kurt Huggins, Zelda Devon, and
Empty Room Studios artist Peter Lazarski
Pages 32-40
Edition 4th ed.

In Eberron, as elsewhere, arcane practitioners sometimes bind spirits to physical forms to serve as assistants, guardians, or simple companions. The circumstances of that world allow familiars to take shapes not found in other lands. In addition, artificers (particularly those of House Cannith) extend their expertise to craft and enhance familiars in ways unknown to other sorts of arcanists.

Some of the more bizarre forms of familiar are associated with particular organizations, or are so disturbing to common folk that those in their company are regarded with suspicion or outright hostility. It’s one thing to have an owl on your shoulder or even a dog-shaped construct at your heel; openly carrying a horror of Xoriat or an icon of the Blood of Vol is not likely to win the hearts and minds of those you meet.

Familiars were introduced in Arcane Power. This article expands the selection of familiars, including many that are well suited to artificers, as well as some that work well with arcane leaders. It also debuts the familiar bloodsmith paragon path, as well as introduces a ritual and new magic items for use with familiars.

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