The Royal Court of Fairhold dominates Fairhaven's impressive skyline. The massive complex, whose towers jut some eighteen into the sky, includes offices for the working government, public courts and halls, a huge hall of records, Queen Aurala's personal guards, and the living quarters for the royal family.

Fairhold is the royal seat of power, and it occupies a significant amount of real estate in central Fairhaven. The King's Hall, where Queen Aurala holds audience with the public, is an impressive chamber capable of permitting fifteen hundred people to stand before Aundair's crown. The Royal Collection of Aundair, housed in the south wing of the estate, provides one of the best libraries in northern Khorvaire. The collection includes records dating back to the founding of Galifar, as well as a few older documents that come from the days of the original Five Nations. The public can view some parts of the collection, but large sections are only accessible to those who receive special dispensation. The Courts of Justice, located in the east wing of the estate, handle the various trials and mediations that require interpretations and rulings on the law. Fairhold also maintains a museum dedicated to the crown, displaying relics that examine the nation's history--both as an independent country and when it was part of the Galifar kingdom.

The Knights Arcane maintain a garrison within Farhold, with divisions including the royal Arcane Guard, Fairhaven Wands, Knights Phantom, and Sky Knights (dragonhawk riders).

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