A facade is a shapechanging creature which often takes the form of a building or a similar inanimate object. They are extremely durable but of rudimentary intelligence, and need to be given precise telepathic instructions to assume complex forms. A full transformation takes about half a minute from start to ending.

A facade subsists on photosynthesis and by drawing nutrients from the soil through its roots. It can uproot itself in order to move about like a slug, and can even assume the shape of a large wagon in order to be quickly moved by others. They are naturally immune to scyring and divination of any kind, and extend this mystical protection to any inside of them or in close proximity to them.

Currently, the only place facades are confirmed to exist is within the changeling village of Lost.

References Edit

"Eye on Eberron: Lost: The Shapeshifting Village" (August 2011) by Keith BakerDungeon Magazine issue 193. , p. 3.

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