175 Explore Fairhaven-1
Explore Fairhaven:
Villains and Vagabonds
Publication Dungeon Magazine issue #175
Date February 2010
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Backdrop
Author Jeff LaSala
Illustrator David Rapoza and Sean MacDonald
Pages 29-36
Edition 4th ed.

Fairhaven is a city of magic and royal intrigue, its glittering spires a symbol of the very heights of Aundairian power. Beneath the shining veneer, criminal lords prey upon the weak, and ancient forces of evil conspire with undying patience. Then there are those without an elaborate agenda, who are merely too self-serving or independent to align with schemes outside of their own. These are the survivalists of Fairhaven, itinerant rogues and knaves—wayward souls, perhaps not so unlike adventurers. See Dungeon #170 for more information on the city.

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