Dragon Magazine 337-38
Eternal Evil: The Lords of Dust
Publication Dragon magazine issue #337
Date November 2005
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Krista A. Lewis, Linda Tso, Ben McSweeney,
and Stacy Michalcewicz
Pages 56-70
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)

Many cabals and conspiracies scheme in the shadows of Eberron. The Merchant lords of the Aurum weave deadly webs of gold. The Cults of the Dragon Below spill blood for the amusement of the lords of madness. The lich-queen Vol plumbs the secrets of depths and death in her tower of ice. As terrible as these powers are, one force overshadows them all: the remnants of a power that ruled the world before humanity even existed. Although the fortresses and cities of this long forgotten age have fallen to wind and war, the immortal citizens of this empire still live. The mightiest have been bound in darkness beneath the world, but even the least possesses magical powers to match any mortal. They apply themselves to vengeance with a patience incomprehensible to any mortal mind. They see entire kingdoms and cults as pawns in this vast game. They are the Lords of Dust, the fiends of Eberron.

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