(Ruined Small City): This community, located on the western border of Cyre, used to serve as the base of operations for House Cannith. When Cyre was destroyed, Cannith’s patriarch and many of the house’s most prominent members were lost in the disaster. Since that time, the leadership of the house has been divided among three remaining high-ranking family members.
Eston suffered greater damage than Metrol, with shattered streets that swallowed whole neighborhoods and collapsed buildings on every corner. Scavengers and other fortune hunters nevertheless brave the dangers of the Mournland occasionally, striving to reach Eston to locate whatever Cannith wonders might have survived beneath the rubble and ruins.
The area around the ruined city has become the hunting ground for all manner of mutated monsters and freefloating living spells created in the aftermath of Cyre’s destruction. For this reason, reaching Eston is no simple task. Overland travel puts adventurers at risk from the monstrous inhabitants of the area. Approaching the wall of mist from Lake Arul isn’t a much better route, since mutated creatures have taken up residence in the water and patrol the coast for prey.

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