Endira d'Deneith, from Dragonmarked
Endira d'Deneith
Home Flamekeep, Thrane
Gender Female
Race Human
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 8 (CR 8)
Class Paladin 5/Dragonmark Heir 3
Alignment Lawful Good
Source Dragonmarked, pg. 30

Endira d'Deneith is a member of the Sentinel Marshals of House Deneith. She operates out of the House Deneith enclave in Flamekeep. Her primary responsibility is the hunting down of fugitives from justice. She is currently seeking the would-be assassin of a House Lyrandar viceroy in Aundair.[1]


In addition to her skills as a Sentinel Marshal, Endira d'Deneith possesses the Lesser Dragonmark of Sentinel and is Favored in House.[1]


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