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The Eldeen Bay is a vast expanse of salt water the extends from the Bitter Sea touching Aundair, The Eldeen Reaches, and The Demon Wastes. The waters are unpredictable and dangerous to unprepared vessels and travel across the bay is infrequent at best. Polar currents sweeping in from the Bitter Sea keep the northern waters of the bay frigid even in the heat of summer, while unstable weather patterns coming from the Icehorn Mountains keep the southern portions of the bay in constantly unpredictable conditions. Waterspouts have been known to form at the drop of a hat wreaking havoc before dispersing back into the bay. Some believe that a number of bound water elementals inhabit the bay keeping the waters turbulent as a way of spiting the nation of Aundair and the House Lyrander guilds for their mettling with the forces of nature.

The bays inhabitants are unknown but it is almost certainly occupied by aquatic species. A tribe of Sahuagin are known to occupy a cavernous area in the northeast of the Demon Wastes.

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