Eastbrook is a small barony in eastern Breland, south of Starilaskur, near the lightning rail line that runs from Sterngate to Starilaskur. It is governed by Erix ir'Clarn, a Khoravar. The village holds less than 100 people and the principle industry is farming.

The town recently suffered attacks on its people by a werewolf that turned out to be the priest of the Sovereign Host, Therios ir'Vincan, a Cyran who had moved to the area following the Last War.

He was discovered and apprehended by Ot, Jojo d'Jorasco, Tothban, and Forneus, for which service, Baron ir'Clarn created the Order of the Silver Dagger to honor them.


This locale is not canon and was created to serve in a particular campaign.

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