Durastoran the Wyrmbreaker, from Dragon Magazine #337
Aliases Durastoran the Wyrmbreaker;
Durastoran Wyrmbreaker
Home Ashtakala, The Demon Wastes
Gender Male
Race Ak'chasar Rakshasa
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 10 (CR 25)
Class Loremaster 5/Fatespinner 5
Alignment Lawful Evil
Source Dragon Magazine #337, pg. 59;
Dragons of Eberron, pg. 21
4th edition rules
Level 29
Role Elite Controller
Alignment Evil
Source Eberron Campaign Guide, pg. 31

The most famous of the Lords of Dust is the rakshasa Durastoran the Wyrmbreaker, a powerful ak'chasar loremaster. Durastoran is leading a more active campaign against the dragons, especially against the Chamber. He is said to have a large force of lesser fiends and humans at his disposal. He enjoys destabilizing the relationship between the dragons and the elves. Durastoran worships one of the Overlords directly, Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame, and seeks a way to free this shadowy demon from his prison. Durastoran helps rule the Lords of Dust from their Bleak Council.[1][2][3]


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