The Dreaming Dark
Homebase Dar Jin, Riedra
Alignment LE
Leader(s) The Dreaming Dark

The Quor Tarai is the spirit of the age in Dal Quor, the region of dreams, and the age it has created is a nightmare. The quori are the children of the Quor Tarai, and they call their creator il-Lashtavar (the Darkness that Dreams, or the Dreaming Dark). The name of the monstrous organization that conducts the affairs of the Inspired in the world of Eberron is also called the Dreaming Dark, and it is to this group that the name Dreaming Dark usually refers.

As an organization the Dreaming Dark is primarily composed of Inspired agents and assassins that work to increase the power of the quori over the world. Their primary objectives are to thwart the activities of the kalashtar, increase the influence of Riedra, and eliminate anyone who stands in the way of their goals. The Dreaming Dark wields tremendous influence and its members are higher ranking than the ambassadors from their home nation.

Within the Dreaming Dark a group of elite Inspired agents known as The Circle of Night coordinate activities of the agents of the Dreaming Dark.

The stated goal of the Dreaming Dark is to prevent the turning of the age that would result in the destruction of the quori race. Non-coincidently the goal of their staunchest adversary the kalashtar is bringing about this new age.

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