Dragon Magazine 344-59
Eberron's Inescapable Island Prison
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #344
Date June 2006
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker and Jason Bulmahn
Illustrator Ramon Perez and Rob Lazzeratti
Pages 69-82
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)

Just north of Cape Far, a barren rock just out of the Lhazaar Sea. A massive fortress dominates this island, a citadel hidden by a clinging shroud of dark mists and protected by the powers of the strange black stone from which it is hewn. This is the prison of Dreadhold, built to hold criminals too dangerous to be kept within the Five Nations. More than just a prison, Dreadhold is a stronghold of House Kundarak, and many treasures are hidden in its secret vaults.

There are many ways to work Dreadhold into a campaign. A party of adventurers might need to speak to a prisoner held in one of the deeper cells. They might be paid -- or blackmailed -- to extract an inmate from the jail or a priceless treasure from the vaults of the house. an ancient evil might escape from the prison to threaten the world anew, or perhaps the adventurers find themselves imprisoned. Can they discover a way to escape from this supposedly inescapable fortress?

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