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  • Baker's Night
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    On this night, families and friends gather to share magnificent pastries and similar treats, prepared by bakers and confectioners faithful to the Flame. This is one of the most popular Flame holidays, particularly among children, yet it is also the least understood. It has been a tradition since the earliest days of the church, yet not even in the Cathedral of the Flame in Flamekeep, Thrane, has records suggesting where it came from, when it was adopted, or what it celebrates. Practice of the Baker's Night has begun to fade in some of the more puritan communities of Purified, and it might slowly disappear from the calendar in coming generations.
  • The Tain Gala
    City-icon Sharn   RepeatFirst Far of each month
    Balls, galas, and feasts occur throughout the year, as ambassadors, nobles, and dragonmarked heirs wine and dine their relatives and associates. However, the Tain Gala has become an institution in Sharn. The ir’Tains, one of the oldest and most powerful families in Sharn, owns many towers and their wealth rivals that of the Kundarak clan. The guest list of the Tain Gala defines the social order of the city. The families with permanent invitations to the Gala, the Sixty, are the royalty of Sharn. In addition to these aristocrats and wealthy gentry, Lady Celyria ir’Tain does her best to invite a few unusual celebrities to entertain her guests—artists, poets, and sometimes adventurers. Aside from fantastic food and drink, such guests receive generous gifts and a temporary increase in status; for the next month, the attitude of any member of the Sixty is increased by one category when dealing with the celebrity. An adventurer known to be a friend of Lady ir’Tain often receives invitations to other events or other forms of special consideration.

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  • Aureon's Crown
    TheSovereignHost The Sovereign Host
    A celebration of knowledge, this holiday features lectures and sermons. It has also become the secular date for graduation and commencement ceremonies.
  • Aureon's Crown
    City-icon Sharn
    The Five Nations observe the festival of Aureon. It is a celebration of knowledge, when the elders of the community share their wisdom with the young at evening feasts. Throughout the day, priests of Aureon gather at the Great Hall of Aureon in the University District in Upper Menthis, providing sermons and lectures on a host of topics, from history to philosophy and the nature of the gods. Like many of the holy days of the Sovereign Host, Aureon’s Crown has become a secular holiday that does not require any particular religious devotion. Aureon’s Crown is the traditional time for students to graduate or advance, and this is true even at the monastic schools of the Silver Flame.

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  • Promisetide
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    As nature's bounty reaches its height in late spring, the Purified honor the Silver Flame for the promise of paradise to come. They also honor - but do not worship - the Sovereign Host for creating the world that the Flame would later complete, and for graciously stepping down to allow the Flame its rightful place as the last god of Eberron. Not surprisingly, many people who do not worship the Flame find this holiday offensive.

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