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Dragon Shamans earn their power by making a pact with a specific breed of dragon. Over time, they slowly begin to grow more like their chosen Totem dragon: they gain a draconic aura, can heal wounds similar to a Paladin's Lay on Hands ability, their skin becomes scales, they gain a dragon's breath, and lastly a dragon's wings. They must remain within one step of their chosen Dragon's alignment.

In Eberron, dragon shamans may be special servants or liaisons to the draconic Chamber, or Seren cultists. They may also be lizardfolk of Q'barra, Droaam, or the Shadow Marches who revere the great reptiles. Kobolds may also have the inclination to revere or make pacts with dragons. However, even a Zil gnome in the venerable halls of the Library of Korranberg who has studied too deeply into the ancient tomes stolen from giant ruins of Xen'drik may stumble onto occult draconic secrets and follow them to far.

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