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Dorian d'Lyrandar is a Half-Elf Windwright Captain of House Lyrandar. His elven ancestry is very evident and mostly mistaken to be an Elf. His airship is known as The Last Breath.

Dorian encountered the party in a small trading village on the border of Valenar and the Talenta Plains. He convinced the party to escort him to Graenethome, where his airship was being held captive by the Halflings of that city. The party helped Dorian get his airship back and in exchange, he allowed them to accompany him to Sharn aboard The Last Breath.

Recently, Dorian became engaged to the Elf, Elsebeth ir'Silmarwen, and invited the party to attend an engagement party. Here he celebrated with the party by drinking some absentia with them.

Dorian maintains a farely close relationship with the party, and may provide valuable airship travel.

Notes: Half-elf, Member of House Lyrandar