365 ED Dolurrhs Dawn-1
Expeditionary Dispatches:
Dolurrh's Dawn
Publication Dragon magazine issue #365
Date July 2008
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Ralph Horsley
Pages 63-67
Edition 4th ed.
Series Expeditionary Dispatches
Preceded by The Forest of Flesh
Followed by Lost Village of Janus Gull

A figure of dark legend, Mordain the Fleshweaver was driven from the Twelve after his attempts to create new life went horribly awry, and since then he has lingered in the shadows of Droaam. "The Forest of Flesh" describes some of the terrors that exist in Mordain’s domain. But the woods hold wonders as well as horrors. The strangest of these is the village of Dolurrh's Dawn, a bizarre point of light deep within the Kingdom of Monsters.

Dolurrh's Dawn is a village of 104 people. The origin of the village is a mystery even to those who live there. On Dravago 11th, 996 YK, these people awoke in their beds in the village. Each one of them remembered his or her name and the name of the village... and nothing else. Despite this amnesia, each villager found that he or she could draw upon talents lying beyond conscious memory — skills he or she couldn’t remember learning. This last year has been a struggle for survival in a very dangerous land. Working together, the people of Dolurrh' s Dawn have crafted weapons, learned to hunt the vicious beasts of the forest, and slowly created a life in this savage land.

A village of amnesiacs appearing from nowhere is strange enough, but the inhabitants of Dolurrh's Dawn haven’t even realized the true extent of the mystery surrounding their little community. The people of the village know their own names, but they remember nothing about the past... and as such, when they first awoke, they didn’t recognize any of the other inhabitants of the village. But the first travelers who discover this village are in for a shock. A dwarf named Kordran serves as the town blacksmith. His face might seem familiar to anyone who has been to the Mror Holds, and it shouldn’t take long to realize why: They’ve seen it carved into the side of the Ironroot Mountains, in a monument over a mile in height. He is Lord Kordran Mror, the greatest king to ever rule the realm beneath the mountains. The mudspattered huntress is Lhazaar, the explorer who led humanity to the shores of Khorvaire. Galifar I sits at a table with Karrn the Conqueror and Jarot, the last ruler of the kingdom Galifar founded. This is a village filled with heroes and legends — yet none of them remember their heroic deeds, nor do they possess the full skills spoken of in the stories. So what are they? Has Mordain found a way to pull these ancient spirits back from the afterlife, in violation of the laws of Dolurrh? Or are these people simulacrums created by the Fleshweaver — clones with vestiges of the heroes' memories, but no true trace of their souls? Either way, what does Mordain have to gain from this experiment, and why has he chosen the subjects that he has?

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