Dolurrh's Dawn
Population 104
Races mostly human, but includes handful of dwarves, elves, gnomes, and orcs.

The village of Dolurrh's Dawn is referenced in Dragon Magazine issue 365.

It is a small village, with the primary population aged to the equivalent of humans in their mid-to-late twenties. There are no village elders or children, and only one pregnancy. The people know nothing about the outside world, and the few who have set out in search of a greater civilization have never returned due the dangers of the Forest of Flesh or the environs of Droaam.

The village is surrounded by a high stockade wall of sharp tree trunks, with access available by climbing roped, or through a pulley system for heavier loads.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Falifar Wynarn (male human warlord)
  • Ashalyn Vol (female elf cleric)
  • Aundair Wynarn (good female human wizard)
  • Cael Vadallia (good male elf ranger)
  • Dorius Alyre Korran (evil male gnome wizard)
  • Kaius Wynarn I (male human warlord)
  • Karrn (evil male human warlord)
  • Kordran Mror (lawful good male dwarf)
  • Jarot Wynarn (male human fighter)
  • Jhazalen Elorrenthi (female elf ranger)
  • Lhazaar (evil female human rogue)
  • Malleon Kas (evil male human fighter)
  • Rasha'Toorn (good female orc)
  • Sasselassum (male halfling rogue)
  • Talas Thorn (Male human)

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