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Dol Dorn
Alignment CG
Portfolio War, athleticism, competition.
Domains Chaos, Competition, Good, Liberation, Strength, and War
Favored Weapon Longsword

The Sovereign of Strength and Steel Dol Dorn is the only chaotic deity of the Sovereign Host and embodies the conflict of good over evil. The patron of any who fight for a living such as fighters, gladiators, or athletes Dol Dorn leads the rest of the Sovereign Host into battle. It was he, it is written, who purged the Dark Six from amongst their ranks long long ago. Dol Dorn despises those who would shed blood for greed or power, but blesses those forced into combat by the hands of a despotic ruler honoring their sense of duty.

Often depicted as a heavily muscled human, dwarf, or half-orc and occasionally as a powerful silver dragon Dol Dorn is the brother of Dol Arrah and the Mockery.

The Sovereign Host
Arawai · Aureon · Balinor · Boldrei · Dol Arrah · Dol Dorn · Kol Korran · Olladra · Onatar

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