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Dithen Elaren (warmage) born in Farlnen to a noble family. Her family has been warmages for years. She trained will some of the most powerful casters on Farlnen and the fighters also trained her. She was raised to in the cult the Blood of Vol. She became a close contact with Vol. She was send to the Twelve to find out any things she can and learn new magic. When she got there she fell in love with Aldric d'Cannith. The date until the end when she had to give him up because he want her to come with him to Sharn but she need to go back to Vol. It destroyed her and she fell into arms Daren d'Thuranni. She stayed when with Daren d'Thuranni back to Farlnen and they are living to gathers.

Weapon: long sword

Long black hair

Brown eyes


Religion: The Blood of Vol.

Notes: Elf, Wizard, Blood of Vol