D341 3
A Disk of Illumination and a Disk of Shadow,
from Dragon Magazine issue #341
Disk of Illumination
3rd edition rules
Type Embedded
Category Basic
Magical Aura Moderate Evocation
Caster Level 6th
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, daylight
Price 20,000 gp
Weight 1 lb.
Source Dragon Magazine issue #341

The disk of illumination is a warforged component that can be attached to the chest of a warforged. It is a slim disk of metal shaped in the form of the glowing sun. When activated, the makes the non-wood portions of a warforged's body glow.[1]

3rd Edition MechanicsEdit

The disk of illumination bestows upon the warforged the effects of the daylight spell for one hour. Whenever activated, the bright light shed by the warforged makes him or her painful to look at. The warforged receives a +2 concealment bonus to AC, though this bonus does not apply to creatures who do not rely on sight to detect or target the warforged. The disk takes up the amulet slot of the warforged.[1]


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