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Diran: Blade of the Flame

Eberron Diran Blade of the Flame

Diran: Blade of the Flame

Diran Bastiaan
is a former assassin turned adventurer-priest of the Silver Flame. He travels with a half-orc named Ghaji. They are both veterans of the Last War.

Diran tends to wear all black and uses daggers as his preferred weapon, though he is attempting to learn the bow as that is the preferred weapon of the Silver Flame. He is a master of the throwing dagger, and carries many of them on his person at all times, usually hiding them in the lining of his cloak.

He was taken as a child and raised to be an assassin by Emon Gorsedd and his Brotherhood of the Blade. During that time he was forcibly possessed by an evil spirit summoned by Quellin, a priest of the Dark Six. This was common practice in the organization in order to make the assassins more controllable and less likely to suffer attacks of conscience during a job. Diran has since freed himself of the possession.

Known AcquaintancesEdit

  • Ghaji, his travelling companion and friend
  • Hinto, halfling pirate and friend
  • Emon Gorsedd, his former master and leader of the Brotherhood of the Blade
  • Makala, former friend and associate assassin
  • Solus, psiforged originally tricked into killing Diran
  • Quellin, librarian and assassin for the Brotherhood
  • Tresslar, artificer at Dreadhold and travelling companion
  • Yvka, elf member of the Shadow Network


Diran is one of the main characters in The Blade of the Flame trilogy authored by Tim Waggoner.

Book 1: Thieves of Blood

Book 2: Forge of the Mind Slayers

Book 3: Sea of Death

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