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The Dhakaani Empire was a mighty goblinoid nation that dominated most of Khorvaire over a period extending from about 15,000 years ago to about 5000 years ago.

The Dhakaani fought a war against the invaders from Xoriat, the plane of madness, which exhausted the resources of their empire around 9000 years ago; the Daelkyr were eventually defeated by the Gatekeepers, an order of druids.

The last emperor of the Dhakaani, called the "Shaking Emperor", because he was afraid of everything, fled and disappeared, taking with him a scepter, an artifact held by countless emperor's before him. Lhesh Haruuc, the ruler of modern Darguun, desires the scepter as a symbol of his rule, hoping it will keep his people united.

There are few Dhakaani clans left among the goblin peoples, the dar, in their own tongue. Among those clans left are the Kech Volaar, the "Word Bearers", and the Kech Shaarat, the "Bladebearers".

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