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MM35 PG41
Two demons, the balor and the marilith,
from the 3.5 Monster Manual
Avg. Height varies
Avg. Weight varies
Homeland(s) The Demon Wastes; Dolurrh; Fernia;
Mabar; Risia; Shavarath
Language(s) Abyssal, Common

At the beginning of all things, following the titanic struggle between the three progenitor wyrms, the dragon Khyber, bound in the depths of the world, spat forth the fiends and demons, who ruled the world for millions of years.

1.5 million years ago, with the help of the couatls, the dragons rose from their primitive state and began to revolt against their demonic overlords. This war raged for over a million years.

100,000 years ago, the couatls sacrificed most of their race to send the most powerful of the demonic overlords and fiends back down to Khyber, to be trapped for eternity.

Demons on the Planes of EberronEdit

Plane Types of Demon
Dolurrh, Realm of the Dead Nalfeshnee
Fernia, Sea of Fire Balor
Mabar, Endless Night Succubus
Shavarath, Battleground Arrow Demon
Eberron, in Khyber all demon types

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