Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Demise is a character featured in the Seekers of the Ashen Crown adventure. She serves as the main villain and is a skullborn elf and though is not a member of the Emerald Claw she has close ties to it.

Death overlook you. If my presence offends you, I shall depart. It would be my honor, though, to stay.


Demise, along with her apprentice Jaenus approached Professor Gydd Nephret after being informed by Emerald Claw informant Dala Arand that a group of adventurers had come into possession of a piece of the Ashen Crown. Under the guise of Lady Dannae Ulyan an Aereni noble interested in ancient elven artefacts, Demise requested that she and her apprentice attend the next meeting with the adventurers. During the meeting Demise offered the adventurers 3000 gold pieces for the artefact but they declined.

Demise then ransacked Gydd's home to attain information about the Ashen Crown and took Gydd captive. She then spent some time in Graywall preparing a trap for the adventurers and the Kech Volaar. When they arrived she had a changeling shape shift into her and attack the adventurers whilst her double agent, Tikulti assassinated the Kech Volaar. Tikulti then travelled back to Sharn and delivered all the pieces of the Ashen Crown he looted off the Kech Volaar to her. She then initiated the rite of Arkantaash to turn the pieces into the Ashen Crown. She then killed and raised Gydd to become undead and through a sending stone she contacted the adventurers after hearing of their attempt to pursue her. She used the undead Gydd Nephret as a hostage to threaten the adventurers.

Demise and her followers clashed with the adventurers in Ashurta's Tomb where she was slain.


Demise is described as a thin but striking elf woman clad in colourful, exotic robes and jewellery. Her raven hair frames an ornate funerary mask- only her sharp ice-blue eyes and fine chin and mouth are visible. She has a resonant voice.


Demise is a level 8 elite controller. Stats for Demise can be found in Adventure Book 2 page 62.


Demise wears +1 shadowdance robes and wields a staff of ruin. She also has a potion of healing.


  • The class of this character is never officially documented and the class given is an educated approximation by this wiki that was based on the character's ability to cast spells and to turn the dead into undead.

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